Sponsor - Chivas Regal 33rd STC Interport Balut Competition

There are now 1160 players in TeamBalut.   A total of 625 matches have been played.   There are 27 Sponsors who have contributed to the success of TeamBalut.  
Premier Sponsor of the month - Chivas - Live With Chivalry.

So what do these scores mean?

'Douchebag - 169' and 'Cock Robin - 38' - what on earth do these numbers mean, surely no-one actually scored them?

Well actually they did!

What TeamBalut does is constantly update the Highest and Lowest scores boxes from the various tournaments that are played and scored on the system – this includes the last two Interport competitions and the last two years of the British Club Bangkok Balut Shield, as well as records set in bar games where witnessed.

The highest score in our system is a 169 achieved by 'Douchebag' on the 10th October 2007, and the lowest by 'Cock Robin' at the BCB Balut Shield on 5th September 2007.

Don’t understand the nicknames? Then click the FAQ link above.

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